More Witch-Hunters

Or town guards.

One can never have enough witch-hunters. Gripping Beast has two packs of Hexenjager not wearing pointy hoods. Still the same group, but a little less obvious in the wardrobe department.

Credit where due for these minis. They look great. One or two are a bit flat, likely to make it easier to cast in the mold. But overall they have a great look to them. Any of them could easily be a main character in your next fantasy themed game. For 7TV purposes, they could be town guards or ruffians, but the minis themselves are good enough to be stars or co-stars. You’ll see what I mean in the detailed shots.

Again we see a lot of variety in the clothing, armor, and weapons for these minis. It’s odd or the “Order Militant” to not be more orderly and uniform. To address this, I kept the same color scheme for these as the earlier witch-hunters. Obviously no pointy hoods, but the same sickly green is used for the sashes these guys are all wearing.

The torches, must mention the torches. They turned out well, didn’t they? Quite nice, and easier to paint than you may think. I didn’t worry about Object Source Lighting, mostly because I’m bad at it. Maybe these minis would benefit from it, but I must practice it first.

Crosses are still present on all. This, again, helps to unify the look of the unit even though they are not uniform. It does give the whole thing a religious overtone. For the Frostgrave unit concept, that is fine. For other use, such as 7TV Fantasy, we’ll just have to overlook that. Still, the religion aspect doesn’t hit you smack in the face or anything. Odd to type that, because they are all armed, but you know what I mean. It doesn’t stand out too much and can be easily overlooked.

The whole set of them have a good medieval look and feel to them, though it is all a bit cliche. They are definitely more medieval fantasy than historical. There really is no historical reason this motley band would have such variety in gear, and some of the items they are wearing or carrying are not from the same period at all. And, the plague doctor mask, why is someone wearing that into combat?

How will these be used in Frostgrave? The easiest thing is to say that they are Infantrymen or Men-at-Arms. A few of them have shields, either equipped or slung, so Men-at-Arms it is. But, listing these guys out as infantry seems limiting and odd. Look at them, do they look like common infantry to you?

Maybe Crossbowmen. How that, you ask? You don’t see any crossbows? Right you are, but some of them do have pistols in their belts. That’s good enough for me. I may have to find a way to make it more obvious for my opponents, but it’s good enough for me.

Some of these are heavily armored and should likely be Knights. Too few shields, but the game doesn’t need to be strictly WYSIWYG. That first guy at the top and the last guy at the bottom, those are knights. They just look the part.

Treasure hunters and Trackers can also be found in this lot. There is enough variety in look to work as most of the soldier options. I have no good way to explain why all of the hired help is required to wear the same maroon and pink striped pants, but that’s their business.

Next up, I need a wizard and an apprentice to use these witch-hunter. More to come.

2022 Count:
105 figures painted
18 figures printed
69 figures purchased
4 terrain painted

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